Parker Threatens to Walk Out If AJ Is Late

Parker Threatens to Walk Out If AJ Is Late

Joseph Parker threatens to walk out if AJ is late to their press conference.

Ahead of the bout between heavyweights Anthony Joshua and New Zealander Joseph Parker, team Parker has made it entirely clear that they will not be waiting for Joshua to turn up. The Brit is known for arriving late at press meetings. This time Parker’s promoter Higgins says they will not have any of that.
“Joshua does look rattled and this press conference tomorrow is part of that whole game,” said Higgins
“I tell you this; we will be in control of that press conference. Whatever the start time is, 11(am)?”

Higgins further went on to say that Anthony Joshua’s behaviour of arriving late might seem fashionable to him. But team Parker thinks it is utter disrespect. He said, “AJ thinks its fashionable to be late, whatever, and maybe he thinks that he gets a psychological edge by being late. I think its silly and disrespectful.

“We will start on the dot. We will start the press conference on time and will leave 30 minutes later.”

Press Conference

 Parker threatens to walk out if AJ is late
Parker threatens to walk out if AJ is late

This will be the last press conference held on Wednesday before the two champions face up at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff this weekend. Higgins urges Anthony Joshua to take it as his first challenge since he has previously always been arriving late.

“If AJ doesn’t show up, it will show that he has no respect for the media, or for the fans because he’s been late 100 times in a row. The first challenge to Anthony Joshua is to be on time for the first time in your life”, said Higgins.

David Higgins also urged Eddie Hearn to ensure that Anthony Joshua arrives on time and that he is glad to be working with Parker.

Anthony Joshua has already been previously accused of arriving late for an interview with both Samoan and New Zealand journalists which was disrespectful and caused unnecessary delay.

March 31st will be the first time a world title unification match will be held on British soil. Anthony Joshua will be aiming to further extend his knockout record to 21 and take Joseph Parker’s WBO title. If he comes out victorious, he may meet up with American Deontay Wilder later on during the year.

On the other hand, Parker is undefeated as well and will similarly look to extend his near perfect record by beating Anthony Joshua in his home country surrounded by thousands of eager fans. If he wins, he will take AJs IBF and WBA super heavyweight titles.

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