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Eddie Hearn Lays Into Parker’s Team

Eddie Hearn Lays Into Parker’s Team

Eddie Hearn lays into Parker’s team, ahead of this weekend’s huge heavyweight title fight in Cardiff.

The animosity between boxing heavyweight champions Antony Joshua and Joseph Parker has gone several notches higher. Promoter Eddie Hearn is excited about the latest exchanges, just days before clash on March 31 at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium.

Hearn challenged team Parker to say the things they have spiralled about Joshua to his face in their last press conference before the match.

“I want them to say it to Anthony Joshua because Anthony Joshua wants them to say it to his face.”Said Hearn, adding that he has shared some of the things that the Kiwi camp has said about AJ.

“He loves this. This is the kind of fight he wants to be involved with.” The promoter affirmed, observing that Joshua is naturally elated and motivated by such rivalry.

Hearn particularly referred to Joshua’s fight against Dillian Whyte last December, pointing that they are looking forward to the fight again.

“That’s why he [Joshua] wants the Whyte fight again because of the rivalry, because of the beef.”

Come this Saturday; the two undefeated superstars face off in a unification match in which the winner will proudly go into the records of some of boxing greatest.

Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn Lays Into Parker's Team
Eddie Hearn Lays Into Parker’s Team

Hearn tried to fan the war of words, encouraging team Parker to accelerate it as much as they can.

‘AJ’ is dying for this kind of rivalry and war of words, it’s going to be exciting to see Joshua in that position.”

Hearn put it rather philosophically saying:

“At some point, they have to look in his eye, and it will come at the Principality in front of 80,000 people when everyone clears the ring, it will just be them two.

The promoter has long held the opinion that the New Zealander and his camp have not said much since the deal was sealed and that they have mostly retreated to trashing Joshua from the comfort of their nation and over the internet. It was an attempt to poke them and weigh their reaction ahead of their last press conference.

“This goes to Team Parker,” Hearn provokingly said in a warningly.“Don’t hold your little press conferences in a hotel and do your internet stuff back in New Zealand and say all these things and then when we meet on Tuesday, have your foot in your mouth.”

And then came the much-awaited press conference on Tuesday. From start to finish, tension built up substantially as the champions urged their fans to prepare for epic entertainment.

It was reckoning time as Eddie Hearn faced Parker’s promoter, David Higgins who encouraged Hearn to “let Joshua speak for himself.”

Parker summarised it confidently in a way only a champion his status could: ”I feel ready, I feel confident, I feel sharp. We see Joshua as a challenge, and that’s why we wanna fight him. The belts are mine, one hundred percent. ” Said, Parker.

Meanwhile, Joshua kept a calm demeanour responding to questions rather firmly but calmy.

“For now, my future stops at Saturday,” Retorted AJ, emphasising that his focus is all trained on the match ahead.

With just a few days to the big match, there is little that verbal thrashing can change. The undefeated champion will purely be determined on fight night.

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