David Haye: AJ an Absolute Monster

David Haye: AJ an Absolute Monster

David Haye: AJ an absolute monster, these were Haye’s words in the build-up to Saturday night.

It is no secret that former heavyweight world champion David Haye is good friends with New Zealander Joseph Parker. Parker is set to face Anthony Joshua at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff this Saturday.

To help Parker prepare for the unification match, David Haye allows him to use his London based gym.

Haye has been impressed by the apparent calm demeanour of Joseph Parker. Especially now when he is about to enter into the biggest match of his career. He warned the New Zealander that he is going to face an “absolute monster” in the name of Anthony Joshua.

In an interview with Sky Sports, David Haye said, “I’ve seen Joseph Parker in preparation for this huge, huge night at the weekend with Joshua, arguably the no. 1 in the division.

“He seems cool, he seems calm, he seems focused. His weight looks good; his team are very comfortable. The gym is two minutes away.
“Everything behind the scenes in Team Parker seems calm, seems confident and I am expecting a very, very good fight.”


David Haye: AJ an absolute monster
David Haye: AJ an absolute monster

However, Anthony Joshua is well known for looking past his opponent’s apparent confidence and sending them to the floor. This is why David Haye is quick to warn Parker that he may not fully understand the gravity of the man he is fighting until he steps into the ring with AJ.

Haye said, “Everybody has an idea, everybody is confident that they have the key to beat Anthony Joshua, and every single person who has tried has ended up unconscious.”

Joseph Parker may think that he has everything worked out, but Haye reminds him that all of his previous 20 opponents also believed that AJ could be beat. They all lost by knockout.

Even Wladimir Klitschko, who said that he had a lot of experience and could KO Joshua learnt quickly how difficult it is to send him to the floor. While he did manage to knockout AJ, he got up and in turn sent Klitschko to the floor in the 11th round.

“20 fights, 20 knockouts, and every single person going into the fight—they believed they had the key. He can’t take a punch, or I’m too fast, or he’s too slow,” said Haye.

Haye also said, “It’s easy to say that from the outside, but when you are in there, Anthony Joshua is an absolute monster of a man. The reality of Anthony Joshua once he starts punching the face, gets real pretty quick.”

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