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Joseph Parker Revealed Elbow Surgery

Joseph Parker Revealed Elbow Surgery

In the build-up to this weekend’s mega fight, Joseph Parker revealed elbow surgery to help fix a long-standing problem.

Back in November and December of 2017, New Zealand heavyweight Joseph Parker underwent surgery on both his elbows in an attempt to up his game. This news has however been kept under lock and key by the Parker Camp and has only just recently surfaced.

There was a reason to keep things low key. The negotiations between Parker’s camp and Anthony Joshua were delicate and such information may not have worked to the benefit of the Joseph Parker camp at the time.

While it’s hardly been 12 weeks since Parker had the surgery done, his doctor says that he has made a complete recovery and ready for his fight on March 31.

The surgeries done on both elbows, however, were necessary as the 26-year-old Parker has been experiencing a lot of pain for the last two years. The reason was that there were bone chips that were floating on the joints as well calcification on the elbow joint.

In fact, Barry says that Parker’s training had to be limited and that despite his previous performance, he was not able to function at his optimum.

He said, “without question, this has had a big effect on his performances in 2017. By the time he came over here to fight Fury, he couldn’t straighten his left arm, so he couldn’t lead with his jab as normal and had to rely on just throwing left hooks.”


Joseph Parker Revealed Elbow Surgery
Joseph Parker Revealed Elbow Surgery

Parker’s trainer Kevin Barry, however, was quick to point out that the surgery was never a secret as the scars on the back of Parker’s arms are quite telling and obvious. The operation was very successful, and the New Zealander has been happy with the results. The pain is gone, and he can throw punches better.

As a result of the operation, Parker will be punching faster and harder as his trainer Kevin Barry claims. He said, “We have not been hiding this, but now it has come out I can tell Joshua that Joe is a different animal from the one he saw taken the distance by Hughie Fury.

Kevin Barry also warned Joshua, “The Joseph Parker that you saw against Fury will not be the man that you meet in the ring in Cardiff on March 31. He will be faster, able to throw more punches and hitting with the power of two years ago.”

Craig Ball is the surgeon that did the operation on Joseph Parker’s elbows. He says that he has had over 15 years of experience with such cases. He was however impressed at how quickly Parker was able to recover saying, “It was remarkable what he was able to do before he needed the operation, particularly with his boxing, given the findings that he had at the CT at the time of surgery

“A very unusual thing that I’ve observed is how quickly he was able to get better afterwards, and obviously the aim was to improve the range of motion.
Barry also stated that the reason Parker was not operated on much earlier was that the opportunities that presented themselves were too significant to miss.

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