Canelo GGG Rematch Hangs In The Balance

Canelo GGG Rematch Hangs In The Balance

The Canelo GGG rematch hangs in the balance, after Canelo failed a drugs test.

The much-awaited rematch between WBA, WBC, IBF and IBO middleweight titles holder Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan and Mexican Saul “Canelo “ Alvarez hangs on the balance. After Canelo tested positive for a banned substance, clenbuterol.

The results from a voluntary test promoted the Nevada Athletic Commission, the authority overseeing the proposed rematch, to call for further investigations. Even as Canelo’s promoter Golden Boy promotions blamed the positive test on beef consumption.

Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez told Sky Sports that Golvokin was “a little upset,” by Canelo’s positive result on a banned substance which increases the possibility of the match being postponed.

Meanwhile, Golovkin continues to train in anticipation that the fight will still take place.

“He knows that this is part of this game,” Said Sanchez. “He continues to train and hopefully everything is alright, and we’ll keep training until it’s not.”

GGG’s promoter Tom Loeffler told Yahoo Sports that they are awaiting the response from the commission and other sanctioning bodies.

“‘Any time there is a positive test, it’s a concern”

“But we’ll rely on them to do their jobs and go from there. There is not much else to comment on, ” Loeffler said

Canelo GGG Rematch Hangs In The Balance
Canelo GGG Rematch Hangs In The Balance

The Rematch

The rematch is important to both athletes as it will help put to rest results of the controversial bout they fought last September.

Golovin’s coach has defended the rigorous test regimen saying that his boxer has held the game in high esteem and that he appreciates the need for athletes to meet on a level playing ground.

Sanchez went back in time claiming that he knew a time would come when Golvokin would be so good that his ability and power would be put to the question. He welcomes any test in open hands, he said.

“I wanted to make sure that we volunteered for any testing that they wanted. My gym volunteers for any kind of testing.” Said a confident Sanchez, adding that even a longer testing window would instil credibility.

“This time I wanted like a 90-day window, to make sure for the public that nothing is going on, and we get an even playing field.”

Sanchez and the entire GGG team is looting for thorough investigations. He has been particularly vocal about it. Earlier on, he talked to Sky Sports about his expectations on the investigation:

“I don’t think it should be just swept under the rug. That’s not good for our sport. That’s not good for the future of our sport.”


Although Alvarez has held a clean record all along, the effects of the investigations may deal a big blow to the career of the 27-year old boxer.

“I think that he needs to either be cleared, or be suspended and fined immensely, but if he’s not, then I think we present future problems for us in this game,” Sanchez observed.

Speaking to Los Angeles Times, Golovkin insisted that he wants nothing short of a detailed investigation saying, “We are elite athletes, and I want to keep boxing on this elite level. They have to take action in that case.”

Golovkin further said that there would be no need for a commission or even so much talk about tests if Canelo’s case will be neglected.

The rematch, the drug tests and the outcome have garnered interest from various stakeholders in the boxing fraternity. Either way, Mexican athletes might attract stringent testing going forward, owing to the frequency of positive results.

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