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Joshua Mocks “Windmill” Wilder

Joshua Mocks “Windmill” Wilder

Anthony Joshua mocks “windmill” Wilder in the build-up to his upcoming fight with Joseph Parker.

Anthony Joshua is set to face up against New Zealander Joseph Parker in Cardiff on March 31 in a match that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Both fighters will be putting their titles on the line as each tries to claim them all for themselves. Joshua with defend his IBF, WBA and IBO belts and Parker with his WBO heavyweight belt.

The winner of the fight stands a high chance of facing America’s undefeated heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder who himself comes out of a recent victory against Luiz Ortiz. He holds the WBC title.

Wilder has been interested in Englishman Anthony Joshua and claims that AJ has been dodging him for a long time now.
AJ has not been short of opinions about the American.

In his most recent interview with Sky Sports, he claimed that he believes Parker to be the better fighter. He said, “more clinical. Wilder throws windmills. When he (Parker) throws his shots, with a left and a right, if the left doesn’t hit you, the right catches you as you are moving in and knocks the majority of his opponents out.”

Joshua Mocks “Windmill” Wilder
Joshua Mocks “Windmill” Wilder


Without a doubt, Anthony Joshua seems to show more respect to Parker than Wilder. He said, “I can’t sit here and talk as if I’m the hardest puncher, I’m the best athlete, and then go and fight Joe Bloggs that no one has heard of with 50 losses on his record.”

AJ compared his own background and origins to Joseph Parker recognises that his parents are originally from Samoa and migrated just like AJs parents did.
“He took this challenge as an undefeated fighter and so did I. The respect is 50-50. His upbringing you know spiritual people, dependable people, same as my family, spiritual, stable, born in Africa.

“Came here for a better future, so I know how that goes, and struggled so I know how that goes. Worked hard and that’s why I see him as one of the lions in the jungle.
“There’s a lot of underlying desire in myself and him as well, I’m sure, and that’s why I see that lion in him.
“He wants to fight and get it on. He’s a champion, and no one gets to this point for no reason.”

Joseph Parker, on the other hand, did have something to say about his clash with Anthony Joshua. He said “I’m going to expose him. He doesn’t move as well as I do. The way to beat him would be speed and movement. I don’t think he can catch me.”

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