AJ Warned About Grave Mistake

AJ Warned About Grave Mistake

AJ warned about grave mistake, in the build-up, to his monster unification fight with Joseph Parker.

Englishman Anthony Joshua is going to face up against fierce New Zealand rival Joseph Parker in a unification match on March 31. However, there have been rumours that AJ is already sizing up his next deal against WBC champion Deontay Wilder.

New Zealand promoter David Higgins is not amused.

“All this talk about Deontay Wilder. I think Anthony Joshua looks past Joseph Parker at his peril.
“Anthony Joshua’s making a grave mistake, if he’s looking past Parker. It’s one thing to analyse future possibilities quietly, but if they are going any further and are in the early stages of negotiations, it’s far too early for any of that.”

David Higgins also went on to say, “I don’t think Joseph Parker or Kevin Barry will be the slightest bit concerned that the Joshua camp are discussing all these other possibilities when they’ve got an unbeaten world champion in front of him, who has never been dropped in his life, and is lightning fast with his hands and has great footwork.”

AJ Warned About Grave Mistake
AJ Warned About Grave Mistake


Parker is currently in Las Vegas on a lengthy training. However, it is nearly over and will be arriving in Britain within a weeks’ time. Once in British soil, he will complete his preparations for his fight against AJ at the Principality Stadium.

Back when AJ and Joseph Parker met on “The Gloves Are Off” hosted by Sky TV, David Higgins claims that Parker was able to give AJ a Psychological Blow by looking him straight in the eye without flinching. Higgins said, “I thought Joseph Parker was quite calm and steely confident. He was apparently looking Joshua dead in the eye without any flinching whatsoever. He certainly wasn’t overawed one bit.

“Joseph managed to get in there a bit of a critic of Joshua, his strengths and weaknesses.
“Joshua was questioned on Parker’s weaknesses but didn’t come up with any. He didn’t state any weaknesses at all. I think Joseph just had the edge if I’m honest.”

All this is more of a continuation of the psychological warfare that has been going on between these two great fighters. Back in January, Higgins went on to say, “We have a hypothesis that Joshua is like the English Football team. Built up and hyped up, but never steps up when it gets to the top level.”

According to Higgins, Joe (Joseph Parker) is not daunted by the 80,000-strong crowd that is expected to fill the Principality Stadium and that he knows his role which is to beat Anthony Joshua. Well, one thing is for sure, with or without talk of AJ’s next deal, all eyes are on the Principality Stadium on March 31.

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