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Joseph Parker Says He Can Outbox Anthony Joshua

Joseph Parker Says He Can Outbox Anthony Joshua

In the build-up to their monster heavyweight unification fight, Joseph Parker says he can outbox Anthony Joshua.

The fight against two of the best heavyweights Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker is much anticipated by boxing fans all over the world. It is set to take place at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on March 31.

AJ holds the WBA and IBF world titles and is considered by most to be the top-heavy weight fighter.

Joseph Parker holds the WBO world heavyweight belt and will be defending it as he looks to strip AJ of his titles.

Parker’s Belief

Parker believes he has what it takes. He says he is a better fighter and can outbox Anthony Joshua. He said,

“I can outbox Anthony Joshua, I think I have the skills to outbox him, but I haven’t really shown that. That’s why I’m excited—this is a big stage to put on the best performance of my life.”

Joseph Parker further continued to say, “I can knock him out. I can outbox him. Words can’t explain how excited we are. We are fighting in his backyard, and we are fighting another champion who is undefeated. That makes it a great fight.”

“But also, the opportunity to fight in front of 80, 000 people, a lot of people say it’s going to be overwhelming, and I’m going to be nervous and scared. But I see it differently. I see it as us making the most of the occasion.”

Joseph Parker Says He Can Outbox Anthony Joshua
Joseph Parker Says He Can Outbox Anthony Joshua


Anthony Joshua has won all of his previous fights by knockout. However, Parker also comes with an impressive record having won 18 of his last 24 matches by knockout.

And Joseph Parker is not the only one sharing his opinion. His trainer Kevin Barry also believes that Parker can outbox AJ. He said, “It won’t matter if there are 800, 8000 or 80,000 people at this fight. It will be the same Joseph Parker that walks to the ring. I’m not one bit worried about the occasion getting to him.”

“He wins the fight with speed and momentum. He wins the fight with a higher level of skill. Parker has far better skill than Anthony Joshua. He has a far better selection of punches. He is very durable.”

One thing is for sure both; these fighters are at the top of their game. Whoever wins is likely to face the equally dangerous American, Deontay Wilder who has never lost any of his previous matches and has won 38 of his 39 fights by way of knockout.

Deontay had this to say, “I like Parker, I like Joshua too. The thing about Parker, he can move and we’ve seen that he can take some great punches. It’s going to be a long drawn out fight. I think Parker will try to stay out of the way of Joshua and I know Joshua is just going to try to make a statement, redeem himself for the last fight and try to get him out of there.

“We know Parker can take a punch, but we’ve never seen him take a punch from someone that strong. I think it’s going to be a hell of a fight for as long as it lasts.”

Will Parker own up to his claims as the better fighter, or will he finally be stopped by Anthony Joshua? We will find out on March 31.

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