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Antony Joshua and Deontay Wilder Takes a Step Closer

Antony Joshua and Deontay Wilder Takes a Step Closer

Antony Joshua and Deontay Wilder takes a step closer, after Wilder sensationally knicked out Luiz Ortiz.

Chances that WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder will face Anthony Joshua increased after Wilder’s spectacular defeat of Luis Ortiz in Brooklyn, Las Vegas on March 3, 2018.

Wilder has made it clear that he wants a fight with AJ. The only impediment now is the oncoming bout in which AJ faces Joshua Parker at Cardiff on March 31.

The other hurdle is AJ’s unwillingness to duel Wilder, and that now seems to be water under the bridge.

Admittedly, camp AJ can longer ignore Wilder’s position in world boxing. Especially after his spirited and successful defence of WBC title last Saturday against the undefeated Cuban.

Previously, calls by Wilder to face AJ have fallen on deaf ears. Wilder’s management saying that promoter Eddie Hearn has jeopardised negotiations.

It is apparent that a “natural selection” process of the the-best-in-the game is helping to have the match fixed. Probably before the end of the year.

Antony Joshua and Deontay Wilder takes a step closer,
Antony Joshua and Deontay Wilder takes a step closer,

Wilder v Ortiz

At Brooklyn, Wilder overcame Luiz Ortiz in a thrilling brawl that saw his pride swell having floored his most significant opponent yet. Luis Ortiz is a man that anyone would be profusely proud to beat and Wilder dealt with the adversity despite a foul start that almost shifted his fortunes.

Watching the replay of the swift, bold uppercut that handed him knockout victory on the 10th round, Wilder was transfixed. “Oh my God!” He exclaimed at his own ability.

An excited Wilder said after the match, “A true champion always finds a way to come back, that’s what I did tonight. Luis Ortiz is a crafty guy…he put a great fight.”

Ortiz acknowledged Wilder’s delivery of an ominous bout, although he still felt that he could have carried the day if there were just a few more seconds. “ You have to give him credit,” Said Wilder, ”He weathered the storm.”

AJ v Wilder

If Antony Joshua is to face Wilder? It will be a dispute between an overconfident, promising newcomer, out to announce to the world that he has what it takes to deal with the “ big boys.” A skilful, experienced champ who is more focused on maintaining a place at the continental stage

But there’s something more than camp AJ has to protect; his reputation.

In a bid to further push for the fight with AJ, Wilder’s manager Shelly Finkel produced a letter he claimed originated from Joshua’s promoter Eddi e Hearn.

Detailing his unpreparedness for a fight between AJ and Wilder. Hearn has since downplayed the allegations, observing that “the fight with Antony Joshua is inevitable.”

Hearn says their focus at the moment is to have Joshua triumph over Parker at Cardiff. “I see the Joseph Parker fight as just as tough as the Wilder fight, so it would be foolish to look past him.”Said Hearn.

While AJ has Won the hearts of Britons and his marketability is unquestionable, taking on the American could give him the much needed forward thrust. The honours now fall on Joshua’s camp to hasten negotiations and fix the match.

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