Joshua and Parker Word Of Words

Joshua and Parker Word Of Words At Press Conference

Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker meet for the first time in London, as the Joshua and Parker war of words has stared.

When cameras set up at the Dorchester Hotel in London for the first joint presser by boxing stars Antony Joshua and Joseph Parker. The air was thick, and an unpalatable tension hangs within. When the cameras began to roll, the words exchanged between the fighters and their camps justified the built-up tension.

In his opening remarks, promoter and showman Eddie Hearn described the musclemen as “two fast unbeaten, hungry, dangerous heavyweight champions” calling the Road to the Undisputed a “great fight.”

AJ opened with Happy New Year salutations, as if to attract good tidings to his end, and moved swiftly to dispel some of the “rumours” that have been spinning around. He took the opportunity to clear “fake news” regularly referring to past events.   Particularly some of his past dismal performances and some of the best moments in his boxing career.

“Here is some truth,” AJ said. “ I was beaten at the European championships when I was a novice.” Joshua was referring to the 2011 quarterfinals against David Price. “I went straight from a police cell. He caught me.”

War of Words

Parker Has His Say

Parker seized the opportunity to assure his fans, his camp and AJ that he would still put up a powerful battle, telling AJ that he should be ready for a knockout. For some time since the negotiations on the unification match started, Parker’s camp has been throwing trash at AJ more aggressively, although there have not been much back and forth exchanges. Towards the end of 2017, Parker’s camp called on anybody who had clips of AJ getting a beating to send it to them. None has been forthcoming since.

The interview was kept off the extreme aggressiveness characterized by such face-offs as Parker‘s camp clarified earlier comments on AJ’s “glass chin.” In previous interviews, Parker and his team had peddled the glass chin line telling the Daily Telegraph at one point that, “Joshua has a glass chin We know it, he knows it, everybody knows it, they just don’t talk about it.” Parker had also claimed that AJ was using enhancement drugs, calling him the “steroid king,” sentiments that were also addressed at the Dorchester interview.

Team AJ kept the conversation quite democratic, being very careful with their choice of words. Asked whether the glass chin comments were merely meant to hype the much, Parker’s promoter David Higgins said,” without the noise we made, we certainly wouldn’t fight.” provoking Eddie Hearn to seek clarifications in what was turning to be a vicious verbal exchange.

“You can’t say what you’ve been saying. ”said Hearn,” And then when you are five feet from him(AJ) let your bum be a saviour.”
Higgins retorted by saying with finality. ”Antony Joshua is mentally weaker than Joseph Parker.”

Joshua Bites Back

Bile verbal exchange is part of building up a boxing match especially one that involves this calibre of athletes. Antony Joshua understands this, and when asked whether it pricked him, he said that the verbal match before the physical one “is part of the game.”
The fight, coming up on March 31st at Cardiff is no doubt a big boxing highlight this year and both athletes will have a daunting task to prove their thick skin.

“There two types of people that take a punch,” Said AJ in a collected demeanour. ”One who gets put down and stays down and one who gets put down and gets up and keeps on kicking. It will take more than a human to stop me from where I’m, destined to be.”
Despite the tough talk between the two camps, AJ and Parker expressed their respect for the match, calling it an honour to have the opportunity to meet as two undefeated champions.

AJ is the IBF and WBA Super champion while Parker is the reigning WBO champion. Both men have won their matches in indisputably triumphant version. AJ has a 20-20, 20-KO win while Parker’s record stands at 24-24,18-KO.
The AJ –Parker interview sets the stage for final preparations in a bout that has both champions staking covetable titles and a chunk in the purse.

Speaking on the side of the interview, Higgins said that a comprise had been reached, agreeing to a 30 to 35 share ratio of the proceedings. Other negotiations in final stages relate to the rematch clauses, said Higgins.

Earlier on, AJ had mentioned that he would not shake hands with Joseph Parker, although he finally did after the photo pose with each boxer dangling their belts for the cameras.

The tug takes place at the more than seventy thousand capacity Principality Stadium and will set the ground for the champions’ next move in their boxing career.

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