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Gamal Yafai vs Gavin McDonnell Fight Preview

Gamal Yafai vs Gavin McDonnell Fight Preview

Here is our Gamal Yafai vs Gavin McDonnell Fight Preview, for the International super bantamweight champion on Saturday 3rd March 2018.

The International super bantamweight champion Gamal Yafai is set to meet up with Gavin McDonnell in a clash for his title on 3rd March 2018. The match will be on the undercard of Kell Brook, and Sergey Rabchenko set to take place in Sheffield at the FlyDSA Arena. Whoever comes out victorious will be at the top of the 122lbs division.

Yafai claimed the title he now defends back in May of 2017 when he beat Sean Davis in Birmingham. A hard hit for Davis to lose on his home patch. Gamal firmly believes that he is ready to take on Gavin McDonnell and prove why he is champion.
Gamal who is 26 years old has won all of his previous 13 matches, 6 of which are KOs. Gavin McDonnell on the other hand ,is 31 years old and has 21 fights under his belt. Of those, he has won 18 and lost 2 and has 5 KOs.

Back in February of 2017, Gavin McDonnell went up against Mexican Rey Vargas as each tried to claim the super bantamweight title for themselves. McDonnell lost to points. If Yafai won against McDonnel this time, he would get very close to having a World title fight.

Gamal respects his 31-year-old opponent and is quick to appreciate Gavin’s world rankings. However, he still believes that he will come out victorious. Whenever he talks about the match, anyone can hear the determination in his voice, perhaps more than McDonnell’s.


Gamai Yafai in action
Gamal Yafai in action

Tough To Call

Many people, however, can’t predict with certainty who the winner of the match is likely going to be. Both are excellent fighters with a 50/50 chance at securing the win. There are those who believe that Gamal Yafai, the younger brother of Khalid Yafai has had to face up against not so good opponents in the past matches, and that explains his unbeaten record.

In fact, it’s easy to believe that the other champions in the super bantamweight division could be too strong for Yafai. Whether or not he has what it takes to beat Gavin McDonnell will be seen on March 3rd.

McDonnell claims that he has had enough time in the last one year to learn and improve his game. He says that the loss against Rey Vargas has left him craving for a win and he believes he has become a better fighter since then. He appreciates that this is also a big fight for him and is looking forward to it.

Gavin still has respect for his younger rival Gamal Yafai. However, Gavin believes that he will send a lot more shots his way. He is now psyched enough and is not going to let Yafai win.

McDonnell may not have as much to gain from winning this fight as Yafai does, but it still sets him in an excellent position for many important fights in 2018.

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