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Joesph Parker Turns Down Sparring With Tyson Fury

Joesph Parker turns down sparring with Tyson Fury, in the build-up to his world title fight with Anthony Joshua. The former champion offered to help parker on social media this week.

After Tyson Fury saw his boxing license suspended after it was discovered that he was using drugs. More recently, the British Boxing Board of Control has reinstated his license.

Tyson Fury has been eyeing the Anthony Joshua fight to reclaim his titles. Perhaps this is why he offered to spar with Joseph Parker.  As the New Zeeland star prepares to face Anthony Joshua.

Tyson Fury claimed to be the best sparring partner to train against AJ, but Joseph Parker was not amused. He turned down the offer in a rather gentlemanly way saying that while he believes Tyson Fury to be a great guy, but Parker doesn’t think that he is the best person to train with before the match on 31st March.

Fury has not been in boxing for a while now. Since 2015 to be exact. Parker says that while his legwork is excellent, he doesn’t lean forward too much and he is also tall. However, he went on to say that he has his own selection of sparring partners that come the closest to Anthony Joshua’s size and fighting style.

Tyson Furry sparring

Parker Full of Respect for Fury

Parker said that while his sparring partners are not the same as AJ, each has a quality that he can use to his advantage. He wants these guys to move forward and come at him with everything they’ve got. This he believes will be the best way to train ahead of the match.

In Parker’s opinion, Fury is a gifted fighter. He does not move forward as much and will not absorb punches as much. He instead dodges quite a bit, and this is why Parker doesn’t believe that they are a good fit.

Kevin Barry, Joseph Parker’s trainer also had a few words concerning Fury’s offer. He says that Tyson’s 6 ft 9 inches frame is simply too tall. With only two months remaining until the fight. Parker, who is the current WBO champion and has not been defeated since 2016 will put his title on the line against Anthony Joshua, the WBA and IBF champion.

Barry appreciates Fury’s willingness to help parker ahead of the match, and indeed he is a good friend of Parker, but he simply is not the best sparring partner at this point.

This match is very much anticipated by boxing fans all over the world and will be taking place at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. Whoever of the two great fighters comes out victorious will be the first to hold three titles ever since Tyson Fury beat Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

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