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The Return of Tyson Fury and He Wants AJ

After over two years away from boxing, Tyson Fury is very likely to grace the boxing rings once again ready to go head to head with Anthony Joshua. The 29-year-old boxer was suspended back in 2016 after it was discovered that he was using certain banned steroids.

Tyson Fury also admitted to using cocaine, something that he attributed to being constantly depressed. If all goes to plan he will get his boxing license reinstated. After a meeting with the British Boxing Board of Control in their offices, it was later released to the public of the organisation’s willingness to lift the sanction on Fury.

However, there is doubt as to which sanctioning body Tyson would go for to get the license to fight. This was after attacking the British Boxing Board of Control on Instagram claiming that he was mistreated in a rather foul-mouthed comment.
He said that there are plenty of organisations around the world that would be happy to work with him. In the end, Fury opted to go with the British organisation who said that after the meeting they were going to lift the suspension.

It was a momentous point in Tyson Fury’s career as he now stands a chance of getting into the ring with the current WBA and IBF champion Anthony Joshua. Joshua has not been short of comments himself and wants Fury to prove that he is up for it in a match.

Tyson Fury looking every over weight

All that time that Tyson has been off boxing has clearly taken its toll. He has added a lot of weight which he needs to shed before he can have his first match after the suspension. This will undoubtedly take some time, and it is speculated that it is going to take as long as April.

As Tyson Fury prepares for his comeback, his rival Anthony Joshua is getting ready for a showdown with New Zealander Joseph Parker. The bout will take place on March 31. Tyson showed his support for Joseph Parker on twitter by saying that he was willing to spar with him when he comes to the UK.

Last Time We Saw Fury

The last time Tyson Fury fought, it was against former world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko from Ukraine. He was only 27 years old at the time and got the win in a unanimous decision. Wladimir had not had a loss in the last 11 years.
When he took the victory, it was clear that things were going to change in the world of heavyweight boxing as Tyson Fury opened up cuts around both eyes of his veteran rival. Tyson Fury may have lost a point due to directing his punches at the back of Wladimir Klitschko’s head, but he retained the lead.

His trainer and uncle Peter Fury was quick to claim that his nephew was not a drug addict but instead suffered from a case of bipolar disorder called manic depression. He also stated that he was receiving treatment and was recovering well.

On Twitter earlier in January, Tyson Fury called out Anthony Joshua, challenging him to a fight. The tweet read “As a sporting challenge I lay down the challenge for Anthony Joshua to fight me in my first fight back in over 2.5 years! I’m the best heavyweight on the planet come prove I’m not? The ball is in your court don’t let your fans down champ.”

However, it is highly unlikely that Tyson’s first fight is going to be against AJ although the two of them meeting is destined to happen this year. Together with concentrating on New Zealander unbeaten heavyweight Joseph Parker, he is also planned to face up with Alexander Povetkin after Alexander defeated Christian Hammer back in December.

Tyson Fury

The Biggest Fight In UK History

If and when it does happen, the fight between AJ and Tyson fury would be much anticipated. Indeed, it would be the biggest in UK history.

Promoter Frank Warren believes that the match could generate in excess of 100 million pounds. He also believes that people all over the world are looking forward to the fight and he is more than willing to make it happen.
Warren was quick to remind people that despite Tyson Fury’s lack of appearance in boxing over the last couple of years, he remains unbeaten. This means that Anthony Joshua would need to enter into a ring with him if he was to prove himself as the lineal champion.

Anthony Joshua recently stated his willingness to fight Fury this summer claiming that he is ready for the match. Matchmaker Eddie Hearn has no problem with this and is willing to make the bout between the two happen.
Tyson Fury even texted AJ and asked for a fight in April. Hearn said he would talk to Tyson furry and make the fight possible during summer or winter. Tyson wants the more significant piece of the pie and is asking for 60-40. Hearn says that this is not likely to be the case.

However, knowing Joshua, he will certainly be open to negotiations since he is also looking forward to the fight. AJ is all too aware of the stakes and just how big the fight is.
Eddie Hearn says that Tyson Fury needs to show that he is ready for a showdown with AJ. Currently with no British Boxing Board of Control License, up to seven stones of weight to lose and having been away for over two years, he simply cannot base career choices on him.

Alternatively, he is willing to offer Fury a match in March or April. If he can prove himself, then he can get his match with Anthony Joshua during the summer. Both AJ and Hearn are willing to negotiate the match with Tyson Fury.
Joshua who is currently 28 years old is getting ready for his match with New Zealander WBO champion Joseph Parker who is aged 26.

Tyson Fury is working on dropping his party ways to be able to lose pounds and get fit for his next fight. He claims to drink 17 pints of lager a night which he says has contributed to his bulk.

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